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About Us

Ensuring conformity to study protocols

Klinitrial provides training and certification of examiners for BCVA (best corrected visual acuity) for participation in Phase I-IV ophthalmic clinical trials. As well as examiner training and certification, we also provide inspection and certification of trial lanes/rooms and sites. Associated services include protocol consultation; we have experience in developing standard and customized BCVA protocols, as well as non-BCVA protocols such as Contrast Sensitivity, Reading Acuity/Speed, and Paediatric Assessments. 


Klinitrial maintains a live database which includes more than 1400 global clinical sites, including hospitals, academic institutions and private practices. This valuable resource helps us to inform our sponsors with regards to successful site selection, expediting screening and subject enrollment.


We have certified sites in the following locations across Europe:

We have certified sites in the following locations across North America:

We have certified sites in the following locations across Asia:

We have certified sites in the following locations across Australasia:

Why Choose Klinitrial

Klinitrial comprises a dedicated team of professionals with over 50 years combined experience in visual acuity training and certification, hospital optometry, private optometric practice and in teaching and research at academic institutions. 


From our base in the UK we deliver remote and on-site services globally to pharmaceutical companies and contract research organisations participating in ophthalmic clinical trials. Through our gold standard training and certification service we are able to help ensure clinical trial success.


Klinitrial certifiers have delivered BCVA certifications in over 60 countries worldwide for 55 ophthalmic clinical trials. We have already certified over 4000 sites globally and have provided over 21,000 investigator certifications.

Through our comprehensive training and certification programs we are able to offer proven solutions for ophthalmic site data collection. Our aim is to work to ensure conformity to study protocols giving reliable and repeatable results so that ophthalmic products can be successfully developed and approved based on precise measurements of visual acuity and investigative procedures. All of our packages are individually designed to cater to the needs of our clients.


We are a leader in our field and a preferred vendor to major pharmaceutical companies. All of the sponsors we work with value our training and certification highly and consider it an essential part of their study methodology in order to ensure reliable trial data.

We now offer remote as well as in-person training and certification of examiners, with support in multiple languages, as well as remote lane/site certification.


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