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 Our Services

Klinitrial provide gold standard training and certification of sites and investigators participating in Phases I-IV ophthalmic clinical trials.


As preferred vendor to some of the world’s leading healthcare and pharmaceutical companies, Klinitrial is a proven and trusted partner.


· Room certification

· Supply of equipment

· Data collection

· Visual functioning Questionnaire

Site Preparation & Monitoring

test chart with lens_edited.jpg

· ETDRS refraction training

· Snellen refraction training

· Visual acuity assessment

· Humphrey Visual Field

· MNREAD Charts

· Colour vision assessment

· Contrast sensitivity

Visual Function Assessment

eye with lens matrix overlay_edited.jpg

· Ocular Coherence Tomography

· Heidelberg Retinal Tomography

· Retinal Imaging

· Corneal Topography

· Wavefront Aberrometry

· Tonometry

· Pachymetry

Investigative Techniques

In a multi-site study, uniformity is vital to producing credible and repeatable results.


Klinitrial oversees site preparation and monitors sites throughout the trial process.


Through ensuring adherence to protocols we enable the collection of accurate and consistent data.

Visual function assessment is not confined to the measurement of high contrast acuity.


With our wealth of knowledge and experience at Klinitrial, we are able to train and certify investigators in a range of tests based on the requirements of the trial.

Technological advancement has introduced cutting-edge investigative procedures to the field of ophthalmology.


Klinitrial’s professionals are proficient in the practice of new and established techniques, conveying a high level of expertise.

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